Detoxifying Bath

Soaking in the tub can be more than just a relaxing experience–a bath can help rid your muscles of stored toxins that cause you unnecessary aches and pains. It just takes the addition of a few every day ingredients.

One of the most inexpensive and highly useful additions to add to your bath is Epsom salt. Epsom salt–found easily in the first aid sections of drug and grocery stores–is actually magnesium, and magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer that won’t give you any of the side effects that prescription and over-the-counter versions create.

When you combine the warm water of the bath with the relaxing effects of the magnesium you are setting yourself up for a great, restful night of sleep. Many times after a patient receives a massage, we recommend they take an Epsom salt bath when they get home to help release all the old gunk that was stirred up. This bath time recipe will help you relax, detox, and restore your body to better health. Enjoy!

a bath full of comfortably warm water
2 cups epsom salt for a standard sized tub (3 cups for a larger soaker tub)
1 tablespoon of baking soda
1 tablespoon bentonite clay
1 tsp powdered ginger

Combine all your ingredients and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes .

Make sure to shower off afterwards to rinse away all the toxins release in the bath- you don’t want to leave them against your skin after all that work!IMG_2110

A parenting tip–if your child suffers from growing pains, restless sleep, an achy tummy, or sore muscles after a hard day of playing/sports, simply omit the ginger and baking soda (so use just the Epsom salts in the bath) and have them soak for at least 15 minutes right before bed. This works like a charm!

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