Dishwashing Soap


This dishwashing soap is so easy to make and it cuts through the grease and gunk great! It is made with Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds formula which is so concentrated that you only need just 1 tablespoon to make 12-16 ounces of Soap. You will definitely want to invest in or repurpose a foam soap dispenser to make this formula. You will end up overusing and wasting the liquid soap if you use a squeeze bottle as you need just one or two pumps to scrub a pan which is barely any liquid.

To Make:

1 tablespoon Sal Suds

1.5 cups water

Foam Soap Dispenser

To help minimize bubbles while making add your water to the dispenser first. Add in the Sal Suds. Put the top on the dispenser and slowly tip the bottle up and down to combine the liquid.


If you like to wash your dishes by filling up your whole sink with water use a tablespoon of Sal Suds concentrate per sink load.

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